Maxis promised to keep the network at a high standard despite the unusual conditions

Maxis Fibre with Maxis Tv

An increase in network traffic primarily cause by online browsing, streaming video, instant messaging, and teamwork tools Rapid network capacity improvement reaffirms dedication to client experience for lifestyle and business. A dedicated, round-the-clock network command centre keeps an eye on traffic and employs technicians to maintain the health of fixed and mobile networks. Maxis Fibre […]

Maxis now provides an unrivalled fibre experience with Wifi 6 certified router

maxis fibre wifi-6 router

Malaysians are using the Internet increasingly frequently at home for daily tasks like working, studying, shopping, communicating, getting access to crucial services, and having fun. With the brand-new, next-generation WiFi 6certified router include in its fibre product lineup, Maxis is enhancing its customers’ fibre internet experience to suit the rising demand for high-quality home WiFi. […]

Maxis supports providing targeted communities with inexpensive broadband connections


Maxis applauds the Minister of Communication and Digital’s announcement of Pakej Perpaduan Jalur Lebar Tetap (Fixed Internet Broadband Unity Package), which will give targeted groups, primarily the B40 community, people with disabilities, senior citizens, and veterans access to affordable broadband services. Being a top provider of integrated solutions, Maxis is dedicated to supporting the government’s […]



Since 2001, INTERNET TIME dotCom (TIME), which is a fix line telecommunications operator, has been list on the Stock Exchange of Malaysia. By utilising the most talent individuals and cutting-edge technologies, TIME connects homes and companies. Beside that ,TIME fibre based in Kuala Lumpur, caters to the wholesale, enterprise, SME, and consumer industries by providing a […]

Maxis makes investments in East Malaysia to improve internet access

Maxis Fiber in East Malaysia

In order to accommodate all mobile user traffic and content reach in East Malaysia. In addition, Maxis Fiber develops a new core network design. Sabah and Sarawak customers can anticipate an improve mobile user experience thanks to network efficiency, speed, and latency improvements. Therefore, for faster website loading and downloads, East Malaysia’s first telco hosts […]

Maxis 5G promised to roll out 5G across the country

Maxis-5G achieve goals

Maxis is dedicated to using the Digital Nasional Berhad (DNB) network to deliver 5G services across the country in line with the government’s digital goals. Moreover, the company is sure that 5G will emerge soon and is eager to offer its customers the best 5G services and solutions. Therefore, the Board is still evaluating the […]

The Importance of Fibre Internet in Life: Now and Tomorrow

high speed internet

WHY THE INTERNET IS SO IMPORTANT Given the internet’s growing importance as a medium for communication, the UN even recently suggest that access to internet services should be include in the definition of a fundamental right. Almost every element of human existence has been impact by the internet, including both private and public services. No […]

What is Fiber Internet Port Full?


The PORT FULL problem is being misunderstood by a lot of people. But first, a brief explanation of what a “Port” is is necessary: Describe Port First and foremost, a port is a type of electric Fibre box that enables the installer to draw the wire to a specific residence for Fiber internet installation. As […]

Step to Step For MAXIS Fiber Transfer Request


The Newest Transfer Offer being offer by MAXIS is “FREE Internet Bill up to 6 Months!” You receive a WIFI 6 Router with every MAXIS internet service as well! However only UNIFI transfers to MAXIS are eligible for this transfer promotion. The steps for switching from UNIFI to Maxis are as follows: Step 1: To […]

6 Advantages for Fibre Internet in Your Home


1. The future is fibre internet Future-proof fibre has practically limitless bandwidth and can travel great distances.  Future innovations like Advanced TV, of which we haven’t even dream, will be support by FTTH links! Next, the global expansion of fibre internet could lead to new Internet-based goods and services that could create entirely new market […]

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