Maxis now provides an unrivalled fibre experience with Wifi 6 certified router

Maxis FIbre-WITH Wifi-6-certified-router

Malaysians are using the Internet increasingly frequently at home for daily tasks like working, studying, shopping, communicating, getting access to crucial services, and having fun. With the brand-new, next-generation WiFi 6
certified router include in its fibre product lineup, Maxis is enhancing its customers’ fibre internet experience to suit the rising demand for high-quality home WiFi.

Customers should anticipate faster speeds, greater connectivity, a wider signal reach, and an improve experience for tasks like 4K video streaming, gaming, and downloading and uploading huge files. Moreover, the router will be EasyMeshTM certified, enabling users to flexibly expand their home WiFi network by adding any additional EasyMeshTM mesh devices they choose. To ensure that consumers can enjoy everything without interruption, this WiFi 6 router also has a larger capacity for more connect devices to function concurrently at excellent rates.

“Data usage and the number of connect devices at home are on the rise, particularly in the current context. Home fibre connectivity is more important than ever in our daily life. Home WiFi must be of high quality and reliability given the change in customer behaviour and lifestyles. Maxis constantly eveluates customer needs in order to provide them with the finest fibre experience possible with the newest WiFi 6 router option.

Therefore, it is a crystal-clear illustration of our dedication to fusing the greatest technologies to give our consumers the ability to Always Be Ahead in a changing world, according to Arjun Varma, Head of Maxis Consumer.


From today, February 18, new customers who sign up for Maxis Fibre plans of 100Mbps or more will receive the WiFi 6 router for free. Moveover, for the router upgrading operation, current Maxis Fibre subscribers will be notify in stages. Beside that, to ensure that the WiFi is customise for the optimum connectivity experience for the home, Maxis’ specialise Internet professionals, Maxperts, will also offer complimentary router installation.

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