Maxis 5G promised to roll out 5G across the country


Maxis is dedicated to using the Digital Nasional Berhad (DNB) network to deliver 5G services across the country in line with the government’s digital goals. Moreover, the company is sure that 5G will emerge soon and is eager to offer its customers the best 5G services and solutions.


Therefore, the Board is still evaluating the 5G Access Agreement’s governance requirements. Maxis 5G is dedicated to finishing this as quickly as possible.


Maxis 5G achieve goals

In addition, Maxis will continue to assist Malaysia in achieving its 5G goals and enhancing its regional competitiveness. While this is happening, the company has already start creating cross-industry use cases and forming alliances with significant companies for 5G services and solutions.


In accordance with its aim to assisting Malaysians in becoming All-Ways connect in every way imaginable, in all situations, at all times. Beside, 5G will be a part of Maxis’ convergent Rangkaian Menyeluruh, a mobile, fibre, and satellite network.

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