Time fibre excel in Malaysia

Since 2001, INTERNET TIME dotCom (TIME), which is a fix line telecommunications operator, has been list on the Stock Exchange of Malaysia. By utilising the most talent individuals and cutting-edge technologies, TIME connects homes and companies. Beside that ,TIME fibre based in Kuala Lumpur, caters to the wholesale, enterprise, SME, and consumer industries by providing a comprehensive range of domestic and international connections, as well as data centre solutions. In addition, we also offer Malaysian customers the fastest pure fibre home broadband service in the whole nation, with download rates of up to Time 500Mbps.

The central hub of communications

In order to satisfy the insatiable demand for quick, dependable, and secure bandwidth, TIME fibre is commit to providing entire fibre network solutions and value-add services. Therefore, the Cross Peninsular Cable System (CPCSTM), our national fibre optic network that serves as the cornerstone of our core fix line business, enables us to fulfil our commitment. The CPCSTM offers great availability, speed, and dependability while being completely future-proof and resilient

time fibre best connection

Time Fibre Consistently Excellent

During the course of our more than two decades in operation, we have establish a reputation for providing high-performance solutions, cutting-edge products, and constant client dedication.

However, we promise to keep seeking for service excellence and pushing the envelope of technological performance while providing best-in-class telecoms solutions in Malaysia and elsewhere.

Time Fibre Going International

Last but not least, our mission is global, and by connecting Asia to the rest of the world and back, we are able to do so thanks to our strategic investments in global undersea cable networks including Unity, Asia Pacific Gateway (APG), Asia-Africa-Europe-1 (AAE-1), and FASTER.

Moreover, our cable landing stations, which act as termination hubs for smooth international and domestic connectivity, are an essential part of our international submarine cable assets. Through our accredit, carrier-neutral data centre facilities, we also provide storage of a very high calibre and value-added ancillary services.

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