What is Fiber Internet Port Full?


The PORT FULL problem is being misunderstood by a lot of people. But first, a brief explanation of what a “Port” is is necessary:

Describe Port

First and foremost, a port is a type of electric Fibre box that enables the installer to draw the wire to a specific residence for Fiber internet installation. As a result, when an Fiber Internet service provider does not add a “port” to a specific location, residents in the region are unable to install Fiber Internet in their homes or places of business, which is refer to as “no coverage.”

Sadly, the port in that specific area has already been fully Utilise when the internet service provider add the port in that Neighbour hood. Its name is “Port Full.”

One Jalan contains 10 units of housing, but only 5-8 ports are available, and they will be use on a first-come, first-serve basis. Consequently, if you check your coverage at your residence and it said “unserviceable,” it means that the port units at your House are now being use by others and are not available for installation.

Why will the Fiber internet port become full?

The occupants of that Jalan who move in and out don’t go terminate. While they were terminate, Fiber Internet Telecom Malaysia did not remove the port or reset the system. Moreover, the total units of the Jalan are not equal to the port, etc.

Hence, if there is a port full case issue, one of the causes mention above will apply, meaning that not every unit has its own unique port. As a result, it primarily shares the port with homes along one road.

What is the way to solve it?

So here’s what we’ve decide to do:

www.WifiSpeedMalaysia.com can assist you in submitting a report to the headquarters to determine whether or not your location can add ports or has extra ports. Therefore, as soon as the headquarters update us, we’ll let you know.

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