6 Advantages for Fibre Internet in Your Home


1. The future is fibre internet

Future-proof fibre has practically limitless bandwidth and can travel great distances.  Future innovations like Advanced TV, of which we haven’t even dream, will be support by FTTH links! Next, the global expansion of fibre internet could lead to new Internet-based goods and services that could create entirely new market segments for Malaysia. Competitive between Maxis Fibre, Unifi Fibre and Time Fibre.


2. Fibre internet to the Home (FTTH) offers the greatest advantages

Fiber Internet is surround by a lot of jargon.  We provide Internet that is either Fiber to the Premises (FTTP) or Fiber to the Home (FTTH). Simply put, it indicates that the Fiber connections we install go straight to your residence. Moreover, this offers much quicker rates compare to having the Fiber lines run to your curb or the FTTN node closest to your home. (FTTC).  These networks use copper cables to transfer data, but the farther away from the node your house is, the slower your FTTN link will be.


Fibre rates up to 100 Mbps are available through Speed Sense Connect, which is a strong speed!  Importantly, you shouldn’t experience any slowdowns with FTTH services during times of high Internet demand, as you might with a traditional cable link.   

4. Bandwidth

The fibre internet lines’ glass threads are what give them almost limitless capacity. Therefore, you’ll be able to watch, publish, and receive more awesome content as a result!

5. Is it reliable and weatherproof?

Also, since fibre is construct of glass, which does not transmit electricity, weather conditions like lightning have no influence on the cables. Beside, Fibre internet cables outperform conventional copper lines in terms of strength.

6. Safety

Fiber is immune to surveillance technology because it lacks an electromagnetic field. Also, because there is no electromagnetic field, fibre optic cables are unaffect by being next to large machinery. Fibre internet can only be stop by physically cutting the fibres, which would result in the loss of the Internet connection.

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