Maxis promised to keep the network at a high standard despite the unusual conditions

  • An increase in network traffic primarily cause by online browsing, streaming video, instant messaging, and teamwork tools
  • Rapid network capacity improvement reaffirms dedication to client experience for lifestyle and business.
  • A dedicated, round-the-clock network command centre keeps an eye on traffic and employs technicians to maintain the health of fixed and mobile networks.
Maxis Fibre is a high standard network

Maxis Fibre is High Standard Network

The nation has resume life and work mostly in the digital environment, from home, persevering through difficult times and driving connection demands to new heights. Maxis continues to work to make sure that the connectivity lifeline remains uninterrupted as much as possible and to offer even more support for all employees, customers, and companies during the Movement, reiterating its commitment to building a safer and more connect Malaysia.

At the present, data usage is increasing at never-before-seen rates. Since the MCO began on March 18th, Maxis has notice a considerable increase in daily mobile data volume as well as residential Maxis Fibre traffic, with volume on mobile continuing to rise. The volume of voice calls also significantly increase on the first day of the MCO, albeit it later return to its pre-MCO levels.

It is crucial that our clients continue to have a positive Internet experience for their daily needs under these unique circumstances. Our commit network specialists are working around the clock to keep our fixed and mobile networks operating smoothly while continuously monitoring traffic.

We continue to place a high focus on investments that will improve network performance, and we have add significant capacity from our fibre partner and the global Internet gateway. According to Morten Bangsgaard, Chief Technology and Information Officer at Maxis, “Our network BCP architecture is well position to assist in navigating the challenging demands.”

In the meantime, mobile devices were mostly utilised for browsing activities on the Internet, while instant messaging, video streaming, and collaboration tools made up the majority of the increase in data traffic. Home Internet streaming apps also saw an increase in data volume. One of the biggest data quantities for Maxis has come from the use of the YouTube app, which has climb by a few thousand TeraBytes (1 TB = 1,024GB), As a result of working and studying from home, collaboration technologies like Microsoft Teams, Skype, and Google Hangouts have seen data volumes for Instant Messaging and Voice over IP (VoIP) increase by about 50%. Maxis has also had 1,500 Teams meetings everyday on average since the start of the MCO.

Moreover, on some rare evenings, some customers might not have the best Internet service. Maxis is speeding up the capacity rollout to meet the rising demand and increasing its site upgrade output by 100% to mitigate this and assure a better customer experience. In addition to the network rollout, ongoing network optimisation guarantees that users will have a positive experience, especially with regard to frequently used applications.

Since the public relies on telecommunications as a necessary service, Maxis has been collaborating closely with MCMC to offer help and support in ensuring that its fixed and mobile networks are up and running without interruption, and that network performance is improve in and around crucial locations like clinics and hospitals.

Prior to the MCO period, Maxis launch a number of measures to lessen the load on its consumers. They included free data for prepaid and postpaid users as well as free enterprise subscriptions to vital business communication applications. Additionally, it eliminate all data fees for visits to specific websites for the most recent information and developments, and it made all calls to crucial organisations, such as the Crisis Preparedness Response Center and State Health Departments, completely free of charge for the duration of the call.

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