Unifi Fibre Port Full Problem


For those of you who have a Unifi Fibre port full problem, TM coverage has improve the existing system. Therefore, you can now apply for the addition of Unifi ports with registered agents Request Unifi Fibre Port Application requirements: The status of the Unifi fibre port area is full (not no TM coverage) Have not […]

Unifi 30mbps Review – Is it enough?


Unifi Fibre has finally been install at my home after more than a year of waiting for this service to become accessible in my residential area. I used to subscribe to a 100Mbps (RM129/month) plan. You can learn about how I end up with Unifi without consequence here. This time, I only pay Unifi bill of […]

Fact of check unifi bill


How to check UNIFI bill? Tm Fiber company (Unifi) are turning paperless starting in September 2018 and that this practice will be apply to ALL TM clients. TM e-Bill is a digital form of your regular paper receipt. Advantages of E- Unifi billing It’s quicker – You’ll get your e-bill more quickly, enabling you to […]

What is mesh solution UNIFI TM Fibre?


Mesh WiFi unifi is a comprehensive WiFi solution designed to do rid of dead spots and deliver consistent WiFi throughout all your house. Mesh solutions provide your channel’s devices access to increased speed, wider coverage, and more dependable connections. Mesh WiFi unifi systems offer several access points, unlike conventional routers, which only have one point […]

Tips for picking internet service between UNIFI Fibre, TIME Fibre and MAXIS Fibre


Every person’s ambition is to have a reliable internet provider with good speed and coverage. One imagines a digital utopia where they may binge-watch their favourite shows without being distracted by the buffering screen or worry about turning in their homework late. The greatest internet service provider will enable you to do your responsibilities at […]

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