Unifi Fibre Port Full Problem


For those of you who have a Unifi Fibre port full problem, TM coverage has improve the existing system. Therefore, you can now apply for the addition of Unifi ports with registered agents


Request Unifi Fibre Port Application requirements:

The status of the Unifi fibre port area is full (not no TM coverage)

Have not made any application in the last 3 months with unifi agents. (if you have already apply, the new application will be cancelled. Therefore, the system will reject it due to a conflict with the existing application)

Landed houses and buildings that have fully use the fiber system (FTTH) only. (VDSL apartments cannot apply)


If you meet the 3 conditions of adding a Unifi port above, you can fill out this form.


Check TM Coverage Status

As usual, the agent will double check the address given. Beside, if the status is no TM coverage under Unifi Coverage Map, this application will automatically be cancel.

Made an application

If the Unifi port status is full, the agent will ask again if you have made an application before or not. If already, there is no need to make a new application because it will be reject by TM. Moreover, it is not recommend to submit twice. Pity the agent. Together we understand each other.

It is best to follow up with the agent who has manage the application.

Landed & Selected Apartment

For this Unifi Fibre port full issue under Unifi Coverage Map, only landed houses and select ones apartments (FTTH) can apply. In short, there are 2 types of fiber facilities at this apartment, FTTH (fully fiber) and VDSL (copper+fibre). So when the agent checks coverage, they will inform you that the apartment building is FTTH or VDSL. If FTTH, the application proceeds, if VDSL, the application is cancel.

Friendly Reminder for Unifi Fibre Port Full Case

I would like to remind you, the agent tries to make an application on your behalf. However, they do not promise the moon and stars that the application is 100% successful. In most cases, it’s 50-50. Some are successful and some are not.

It is hope that everyone can be patient in the application process. After all, it’s free, it doesn’t hurt to try. How do you know your livelihood, right?

Hope it’s useful for everyone!

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