Unifi 30mbps Review – Is it enough?


Unifi Fibre has finally been install at my home after more than a year of waiting for this service to become accessible in my residential area. I used to subscribe to a 100Mbps (RM129/month) plan. You can learn about how I end up with Unifi without consequence here. This time, I only pay Unifi bill of RM 89 per month for 30Mbps to see if my small household will be able to use it. 

Basically, I had been utilising a Huawei B315 4G modem with U Mobile 4G broadband for the entire time. At first, they were fantastic, but over time, the pace declin. Moreover, I was getting about 14Mbps, but now I’m only getting 3Mbps or such. Nothing can be done without first viewing the loading animation on your device’s screen, which makes browsing and streaming videos much worse.

Unifi Fibre 30Mbps Plan


In my situation, I chose the entry-level option, which costs RM89 per month and offers 30Mbps without a Unifi Plus box.

If you chose the Unifi Plus box, you may install the Unifi playTV app on up to two devices and gain access to more than 70 channels of premium entertainment content on the Unifi TV Ultimate Pack.


Final judgement

Sincerely, I believe 30Mbps to be more than plenty for daily usage for a family like mine. With this, I can avoid paying an extra RM40 for a 100Mbps bundle (without a Unifi Plus box). At 30Mbps, I have more than enough bandwidth. Can you imagine how much money I would have spent on 100Mbps?


What do you think, then? Why did you choose the Unifi Home Fibre package plan that you did?

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