Maxis promised to keep the network at a high standard despite the unusual conditions

Maxis Fibre with Maxis Tv

An increase in network traffic primarily cause by online browsing, streaming video, instant messaging, and teamwork tools Rapid network capacity improvement reaffirms dedication to client experience for lifestyle and business. A dedicated, round-the-clock network command centre keeps an eye on traffic and employs technicians to maintain the health of fixed and mobile networks. Maxis Fibre […]

Maxis now provides an unrivalled fibre experience with Wifi 6 certified router

maxis fibre wifi-6 router

Malaysians are using the Internet increasingly frequently at home for daily tasks like working, studying, shopping, communicating, getting access to crucial services, and having fun. With the brand-new, next-generation WiFi 6certified router include in its fibre product lineup, Maxis is enhancing its customers’ fibre internet experience to suit the rising demand for high-quality home WiFi. […]

The Advantages of Maxis Fibre Broadband


Price MaxisONE Home Fibre 30Mbps is offered with limitlessconsumption and capacity. Home Fibre Plan from Maxis: RM89/month (Unlimited) for MaxisONE Home Fibre 30Mbps    RM129/month (Unlimited) for 100Mbps RM149/month (Unlimited) for 300Mbps RM219/month (Unlimited) for 500Mbps   RM299/month (Unlimited) for 800Mbps Subscribe Maxis Home Fibre Plan Greater speed Maxis Home Fibre Broadband provides users with download […]

How the Internet via Maxis Fibre Broadband Can Transform Your Life


  Online service companies and how to access them Maxis fibre broadband is an alluring broadband option for companies offering high-speed maxis fibre broadband internet service. The quickest internet available in Malaysia is most used by broadband services. When used by an internet service provider (ISP), broadband offers a powerful and quick connection to the […]

Tips for picking internet service between UNIFI Fibre, TIME Fibre and MAXIS Fibre


Every person’s ambition is to have a reliable internet provider with good speed and coverage. One imagines a digital utopia where they may binge-watch their favourite shows without being distracted by the buffering screen or worry about turning in their homework late. The greatest internet service provider will enable you to do your responsibilities at […]

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