TIME Internet Review – BEST Boardband Malaysia


Tired of your home’s Internet service being too slow? It’s time to catch up!. Therefore, whichever kind of internet connection you’re seeking, we’ll help you stay current with the most recent information about the brand-new TIME Fibre Broadband plan!


TIME 100Mbps HOME Fibre Broadband

Why not take a look at TIME’s new entry-level plan if you’re looking for the greatest home broadband deal with a speed to match?  While your internet connection will be fast enough for all of your online tasks, including streaming and website surfing.

  • 100 Mbps with unlimited usage for RM99
  • For 9sen per minute or RM10 per month for 2,000 minutes that expire after a year, TIME Voice Home is accessible on a pay-per-use basis.



TIME 500Mbps Fibre Home Broadband

The fastest broadband plan available in Malaysia at the moment is TIME’s most recent offering. In addition, this is the plan for you if you prefer playing video games a lot or streaming without the unpleasant buffering. Moreover, what more is include in this package, if an HD movie can be download in 32 seconds as claim by TIME?

What this plan includes:

  • 500Mbps with unlimited usage for RM139
  • Complimentary installation of the WiFi 6 router
  • 1x Wifi mesh node
  • TIME Voice Home is a pay-per-use service that costs 9 sen per minute or RM10 per month for 2,000 minutes that expire after a year.


Although the majority of Malaysians are likely to choose the entry-level Time 100Mbps plan, which costs RM99. Beside, although the RM139 for Time 500Mbps plan looks a bit excessive given that not everyone can use Time 500Mbps at all times. Therefore, sharing the cost among a group of housemates who enjoy playing video games or viewing films all the time should be possible.

TIME may currently lead the pack in terms of speed and cost, but its broadband coverage is still quite constrain. As far as we can tell, they are clearly looking to increase their coverage, and you can ask them to take your location into account when they plan their TIME wifi coverage in the future.

Our Opinion: 


The fastest speeds and limitless bandwidth are currently include in this service in Malaysia. However, the bargain is challenging to sign up for due to limited TIME’s Wifi coverage. However, things can only become better for Malaysian consumers; therefore, it is best to see how the other market participants react. Until then, use our free broadband comparison tool to make sure you’re using the correct broadband plan package for your needs.

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