Three reason Why Maxis Home Fibre is better


In Malaysia, there are several broadband options. Some provide better coverage than others, while others are more affordable. Even those of us without cable internet subscriptions have been scrambling to sign up for them since the outbreak started. Both a long-term and short-term obligation are possible with the internet plan. But since we will use it indefinitely, we must properly investigate which internet service provider has adequate coverage at a reasonable price before subscribing to it. Maxis home fibre broadband plans are superior to others for several reasons, but for now, we’ll concentrate on the three primary ones. The three basic justifications for Maxis Home Fibre.


Maxis Home Fibre Speed

In Malaysia, Maxis Home Fibre provides new clients with speeds of up to 800Mbps. It may be argued that Maxis home fibre has more than enough bandwidth, allowing their clients to transport the most quantity of information possible. Good internet service is crucial for those of us who work from our homes and for families whose children must attend online courses. For this reason, we ought to get the Maxis Home Fibre Plan. With no problems like delay during video conferencing or poor internet during work delivery, it lets us accomplish our work more effectively.

Maxis Home Fibre plan price

Numerous users may afford the pricing range offered by Maxis. Maxis home fibre plan fees vary based on capacity, with the lowest fee being for 300Mbps and the maximum being for 800Mbps. Maxis home fibre Broadband plans are reasonably priced for use at both home and work. Despite being the second-largest broadband company in Malaysia, Maxis home fibre has undisputedly the best coverage and is more affordable than the largest internet service provider. It is evident that Maxis’ broadband service has a greater Maxis coverage area than that of other providers, making it a worthwhile membership package again for price.

Combined Plan only in Maxis Home Fibre Plan

It is always an option with Maxis Home Fibre for both current and new customers to combine their mobile package with their internet service at home. By providing a reasonable plan package that charges for both products under one plan, Maxis Home Fibre provides a great answer for these clients by assisting them in better managing their budgets. For companies seeking for a reliable internet service and a corporate phone line, the Maxis Home Fibre package with telephone line is a great choice.

Installation and cancellation

It’s not as easy to include a broadband plan by only comparing monthly costs. Don’t be surprised by supplemental fees like installation or cancellation, which might be quite expensive up front.

When you sign up for Maxis Home Fibre Internet in Malaysia, you must pay the following amount upfront:

RM0 for Malaysian


RM500 for Non-Malaysian

SKG Global: