Reallocation of the Unifi Home Plan


I would like to move to a different house. It has been install with Unifi for a while. Is it possible to move Unifi to a different location? Let’s go over the steps involve in relocating Unifi.


What would happen if I had to move my unifi Home plan service?
Do I have to pay any fees at this time?

Requests for relocation can be made via Live Chat on, the Myunifi app, [email protected], and other websites. Moreover, lease be aware that your request to relocate the service is dependent on its being offer in the new location.

In addition, there will be an RM300 relocation fee for internal moves within the same building and an RM200 fee for moves without entry wall movement.

I will be moving to a location without unifi coverage even though I have a Unifi Home Plan subscription. 

Can I cancel my Unifi service without being charge?

If you move to a place where there is no Unifi service:

Depending on the area served, you have the choice of subscribing to any accessible broadband speed.

Unifi Home has the right to levy an early termination fee if you decide not to sign up for any of the available broadband packages (if applicable).

If you move to a location where Unifi Home plan or Broadband is not offered, you won’t be charge.

Check Unifi coverage online here


First and foremost, there is a requirement that the house be move, and the new location must have a fibre infrastructure.

Moreover, not just the building, but the port should be there. Moving is not possible in the absence of a facility.

Simply follow the instructions to transfer this Unifi if the UNIFI Fiber facility is reachable.

How to request a Unifi Reallocation

When using an online platform like the ones list below, you have the same choice:

App Myunifi (Available for Android and iOS)

Live Chat

Unifi Portal



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