Reallocation of the Maxis Home 4G Wifi


In the event that you are moving, you must provide us one (1) month’s notice. Each move will be govern by In the Service coverage area.


How can I tell whether Maxis Home Fibre Coverage Check is available at a new address?

To start, click here to check if your new address is protect.

If your new address is cover, just walk into any Maxis Shop to make a relocation request. On the day of installation, kindly bring your modem to the new installation address; an RM200 fee can be charge for a new modem.


If your new address is outside of our coverage area, bring your modem and visit the nearest Maxis Center to cancel your fibre subscription. An early termination fee will be assess if your contract still covers your old service and home appliances.

Can I still use my previous VOIP number at my new address?

This would depend on the area. The range of VOIP numbers may vary based on the area.

If the service is relocated, what will happen to my home device contract and fibre commitment period?

Your active device contracts as well as any remaining fibre commitment terms will transfer over to your new fibre service.

How long is the period of the contract?

The subscription date, not the delivery date, is the first day of the 24-month contract period. The device’s remaining balance will be charged if any of the following occurs during the contract period:

Termination of a contract before its expiration

Alternate ownership

Sent to a non-operational address

lowering the starting level of the first Fibre or Maxis Home 4G WiFi starter plan


Give up your Maxis Unlimited Postpaid & Fibre or Maxis Unlimited Postpaid & Maxis Home 4G WiFi membership.


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