Fibre Optic Vs Wireless Network


What is the difference between Fiber Optic and the line-line used in the phone? Isn’t it the same?

Certainly not the same thing. The simplest explanation is like this…

Fibre Optic : Unifi fibre , Maxis fibre, TIME fibre

Wireless Network (3G& 4G) : Celcom , Digi , Maxis , Umobile, XOX


Differentiate Fiber Optic and Wireless Network

There is a difference between “Fibre” and “Wireless Network” and it must be a very significant difference. Where the use of “Wireless Network” depends on your distance from the substation.

If you sit close to the substation area, you will surely enjoy maximum internet speed. While the use of “Fiber Optic” depends on Fiber Optic cables which can reach speeds of up to 43 terabits per second (Tbps).

And usually “Fiber Optic” services are limited to urban areas only.

Wireless Network It is like the rain that falls on the earth where some areas will get a lot of water, some areas will get little. And Fiber Optic is like tap water in your house, every house will receive a lot of water and fast.

That’s the analogy of explaining fiber optic and wireless network.

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